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Just Cremation

A prepaid cremation plan that you can trust

Arrange a simple, unattended cremation with our prepaid cremation plan for a single payment of $1,008.75 or various monthly payment options starting at $10 / month.

If you are planning ahead for a future need, our prepaid cremation services are here for you, for situations where passing is not expected within the next 12 months.

For those who are facing a more immediate need or in the event of a recent loss, please complete an arrangement for someone who is passed or expected to pass soon.

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The original low-cost provider of cremation services in the Lower Mainland Vancouver since 1992. Find a prepaid cremation plan to suit your budget.
The Just-Cremation Plan

The Just-Cremation® Plan

A single payment of $1,008.75 or various monthly payment options.

What's included in a Just-Cremation plan?

Every cremation plan should cover the full cost of providing the service that is promised. Your Just-Cremation® Plan includes everything that's required to carry out a cremation.

  • Transfer & care of your loved one to our own crematorium
  • Filing of all necessary paperwork & permits with Vital Statistics
  • A dignified private cremation at our local crematorium in Langley
  • Personalized resources to assist the executor with estate matters

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