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Simple, Basic Direct Cremation

Direct Cremation Package

Our complete basic cremation in the Lower Mainland is $895, and we offer other packages to suit your needs.

Direct Cremation Package

Direct cremation is the cremation of your loved one, without embalming, formal viewing or ceremony. Arrangements are made in the comfort of your home using our web-based arrangement tool.

Our charges include:

  • Transferring your loved one into our care
  • Sheltering of your loved one
  • Cardboard cremation container
  • Cremation fee
  • White cardboard urn and packaging
  • One Death Certificate
  • Pickup of Death Certificate and cremated remains at our crematorium
  • Personalized resources for the executor to assist with estate matters

  • Itemized List of our Basic Cremation Package

    Professional & staff services $150.00
    Completing documents $50.00
    Transfer services from hospital (1) $200.00
    Facilities $100.00
    Cardboard cremation container included
    White cardboard urn and packaging included
    Cremation fee (2) (3) $395.00
    Sub-Total $895.00
    Consumer Protection BC fee (Government) $40.00
    Goods and Services Tax $46.75
    Death Certificate $27.00
    Total $1,008.75

    1. Additional charge for a transfers from private residences, hospices, care homes or other funeral homes - $145

    2. Charge for a Cremation Tray may apply if your loved one is greater than 220 pounds - $299

    3. Removal of pacemaker - $75