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Simple, Basic Direct Cremation

Other Services

We offer optional services which can be added to your arrangements.

Other Services

Professional & staff services

This fee for our basic services will be added to the total cost of the funeral arrangements you select. This fee includes usage of our web-based arrangement tool, coordinating all cremation arrangements you select.


Completing documents

This fee includes obtaining the necessary authorization and permits, registering the death with Vital Statistics Agency and obtaining certified copies of the death certificate on your behalf.


Transfer services

This fee is for the transportation of your loved one into our care within our service area.



This fee is for sheltering your loved one at our facility.


Cremation fee

This fee is for the cremation of your loved one. Additional charge for a Cremation Tray may apply if your loved one is greater than 220 pounds - $225.


Rush cremation fee

This additional fee is for the cremation of your loved one within 3 business days of receiving your loved one into our care.


Return of death certificates and cremated remains

  • By Canada Post (BC) - $70
  • By Canada Post (Canada) - $130
  • Hand Delivery to your Home or Office (Monday to Friday) - $45.00

This fee is for the mailing of your loved one’s ashes via Canada Post or hand delivery to your home or office.


Notarized copy of death certificate

We include one original death certificate along with the cremated remains. We suggest an additional 2-3 death certificates based on the size of the estate.


Scattering of cremated remains by sea

On your behalf, we will arrange to scatter the cremated remains at sea. After the scattering, we will provide you a certificate of the map and coordinates of the scattering, signed by the captain of the ship performing the scattering.


INEX Executor Assistance Package

INEX is your complete toolkit to help simplify the complex process of final estate matters. INEX assists you in the accurate and timely processing of necessary forms and documents, maximizing government and corporate benefits after the passing of a loved one. Aside from probate and final tax returns, INEX assists you with every aspect of managing and winding up an estate.